Murine transcriptomic signatures in blood, muscle and draining lymph nodes after administration of licenced vaccines

We have compared four licenced vaccines that have a demonstrated safety profile, as well as three agonists of TLRs that have a known inflammatory potential, to elucidate the transcriptomic profile of an acceptable response to a vaccination versus those which push the inflammatory envelope. In mice, we looked at the transcriptomic changes in the injected muscle, the lymph node that drained the muscle and the PBMC isolated from the circulating blood from the very early timepoint of 4 hours to over the period of one week. A detailed examination and comparative analysis of the transcriptome from each of these tissues, at all the timepoints of 4, 8, 24, 48, 72 and 168 hr and with these eight different vaccines, TLR or saline control injections, revealed a set of novel biomarkers that are reflective of inflammation after vaccination.

Gene Expression Profile


Gene Set Enrichment Analyses

Co-expression Analyses